smelting operation

The Lößnitz foundry has a modern cold blast cupola furnace from KÜTTNER with an increased melting capacity of 16 tons per hour and a capacity of?? Thanks to modern melting technology, it is possible to melt continuously and energetically using the countercurrent principle at tapping temperatures of up to 1,520 °C at optimum efficiency. The cupola furnace is one of the oldest melting units for the production of cast iron and is characterized by its high metallurgical flexibility.

crane system

reconstruction and extension for up to 70t

blow room

New and reconstructed modern equipped cleaning workplaces, new blasting house with blast wheel turbines, paint spraying cabins.

moulding plant

2 continuous whirl mixers of the company Wöhr

1 with capacity 22/50 t/h

1 with power


model construction

Model building extension (new building of a new building)

CAD/CAM and three CNC 3 axis milling machines

Bornemann company

see model construction site