What We Do


Lößnitz cast iron products in use

Whether in machine, plant or tool construction, the products of our foundry are characterized by exceptional quality, highest precision and long service life of the wear parts.

Together with our services, we thus offer our customers sustainable added value for more security and shorter reaction times in the production process. And of course for more success in a challenging competitive environment.


Individual advice for sustainable solutions

Since the production of castings is a highly complex process, qualified advice is of course also indispensable. It is only through them that individual and sustainable solutions can be realised.

Since each product must meet special requirements for different areas of application, each product also places special demands on the production and finishing process as well as the selection of materials.

Our qualified employees determine the quality criteria of the desired component in close coordination with you, develop the design and select the materials as well as the post-treatment and further processing processes precisely for your project.

Talk to us about it! Our competent staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of planning and consulting.


We produce polystyrene models for the full-mould casting process in the highest quality

The foundation stone of a good casting lies in the hands of the model maker.

The employees of our modelling department have the know-how to produce your desired casting according to your drawings or according to your 3D-CAD data set using modern CNC milling technology. Due to the long experience of our employees, all casting requirements and their parameters are taken into account and constantly checked in the production process.

Our model building department has three 3-axis CNC milling machines with a travel range of 3 axes.

X:5000mm, Y:2500mm, Z:1250mm respectively

X:2250mm, Y:1650mm, Z:500mm, operate.

We produce polystyrene models in relation to the full mould casting process for the hand-moulding and machine moulding process.

Due to the internal model construction we can guarantee you flexibility and short reaction times in case of change requests of the model furnishings. Spare parts can also be produced for you in the shortest possible time.

Our model making department works with powerful CAD/CAM systems such as Catia V5 which enable a smooth exchange and processing of data formats IGES, STEP, STL, DXF and SAT. CAD makes it possible to quickly turn your design into a real casting. Communication is quick and easy via FTP or e-mail.

In our model building processes are also designed to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. For example a briquetting plant from Bornemann was integrated into the model construction to recycle polystyrene waste efficiently.


grey cast iron (EN-GJL)

iron-carbon-silicon alloy

G= Cast iron J= Iron L= Lamellar graphite

Grey cast iron is the industrial name for cast iron with lamellar cast iron. The carbon precipitates during solidification in the form of graphite fins. The traditional name "grey cast iron" comes from the greyish appearance of the fracture surface of the casting. This is the most frequently used iron-carbon alloy as it has a very high wear resistance, excellent castability and good machinability by means of cutting processes. Furthermore, grey cast iron has a very low inclination to blowholes. All grey cast iron alloys are manufactured strictly in accordance with DIN EN 1561.

Lößnitz Foundry offers you the following grey cast iron alloys:

  • According to DIN EN 1561 / Hardening plants GL Lößnitz
  •  Weight per unit: from 250 kg - 18.500 kg

ductile cast iron (EN-GJS)

iron-carbon-silicon alloy

G= Cast iron J= Iron S= Nodular graphite

Ductile cast iron is the industrial name for cast iron with spheroidal cast iron, in which carbon is precipitated in the form of graphite balls during solidification. GJS can be regarded as a steel-like material and is characterised by its high elongation and tensile strength. Through targeted alloying, good temperature and corrosion resistance as well as higher wear resistance can be achieved. All spheroidal graphite cast iron alloys are manufactured strictly in accordance with DIN EN 1563.

Lößnitz Foundry offers you the following spheroidal graphite cast iron alloys: Table

  • Materials: EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2 EN-GJS-HB230 EN-GJS-HB265
  • According to DIN EN 1563 / Hardening plants GL Lößnitz
  •  Weight per unit: from 250 kg – 15.000kg


Perfection is what counts for us

After the casting process and the solidification of the cast part, numerous further processing steps are necessary in order to be able to supply you with your finished component. These depend entirely on your objectives, which the finished workpiece should fulfil.

In our foundry we offer the following technical processes for post-treatment of cast products:

  • radiancy

  • Priming and painting

We will be happy to explain which post-treatment process is necessary and suitable for your casting material in a detailed discussion with you.


We guarantee the best quality of our cast products!

Our high-quality products are under constant control during the production process - from raw material to the finished casting.

In order to provide our customers with the best quality at all times, we continuously invest in modern facilities. In addition, our production processes and quality management are constantly being optimized and our employees are trained according to the latest standards.

We offer you:

  • spectral analysis

  • Destructive test methods: tensile or notched bar impact test, hardness test

  • Metallography (with digital image analysis)

  • Component measuring