Senate of Economy

Max Jankowsky was appointed to the Senate of Economics of Germany.

Senate of Economy

Bonn. Industrial Engineer Max Jankowsky represents GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH as Senator in the Senate of the German Economy. The certificate of appointment was awarded on 14.06.2019 in Bonn by the Chairman of the Board of the Senate of the Economy, Honorary Consul General Dieter Härthe, and the President of the Senate, Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher.

"It is a great honour for me to be active in the Senate of the Economy in order to make a sustainable contribution to our country. We have a great and internationally resilient German middle class and I would like to contribute to the future generation of this heritage." Max Jankowsky

The Senate of the Economy is made up of personalities from business, science and society who are particularly aware of their responsibility towards the state and society. Together they contribute to the practical implementation of the common good-oriented goals of sustainability in the sense of an eco-social market economy.

The Senate of the Economy is thus reviving the traditional idea of the Senates in antiquity. A balanced circle of friends of independent minds followed the common good, instead of only particular interests.

The Senate of the Economy is purely oriented towards the common good and in constant dialogue with representatives from politics and science. Our honorary senators Sigmar Gabriel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Prof. Günther Verheugen, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Rosi Gollmann and many other experts are exciting initiators.

The ethical principles of the Senate can also be the basis and guideline for the economic actions of the members of the Senate. Fairness and partnership in business life as well as the social competence of entrepreneurs and executives characterize the work of the Senate.

Bundeskonvent des Senats der Wirtschaft
(f.l.t.r. , Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher., Max Jankowsky, , Honorary Consul General Dieter Härthe, Divisional Director Benedikt Grütz)


Municipal day in Lößnitz

The delegation was welcomed at the GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH

Municipal day in Lößnitz

District Administrator Frank Vogel continued his municipal days in the district in March 2019. In the last two years, he has already dedicated a full day to 18 municipalities in order to inform himself locally about developments in the municipality.

"The mayor of the respective municipality himself designs the content and schedule for the respective municipal day. I am interested in progress that has been made in recent years, but problems should also be openly addressed. Only together can we work on solutions", said the district administrator.

On 20 March 2019, the municipal day was held in the town of Lößnitz. In addition to the district administrator, Dietmar Bastian, head of municipal supervision, and Jan Kammerl from Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH also took part. The delegation was welcomed by Mayor Alexander Troll and employees of the city administration at GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH.

"The special feature of this first station is that the foundry is located in the middle of the city. The company has faced immense challenges in recent years to improve the air," says the mayor.

The management was able to explain in more detail what was undertaken in a joint discussion.

"It used to smell like foundry gases. In the meantime, we have managed to get rid of the smell using new technology. Our process is unique in the foundry industry," says Max Jankowsky, assistant to the management of GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH.

"There was a significant reduction in odour emissions from the foundry to the environment. Our operating facilities were extended by a 5 million Euro exhaust air cleaning system."

Gießerei Lößnitz has been located in the city for 170 years and has been family-run since 1992. The 82-strong workforce produces around 12,500 tons of castings per year - mainly for the automotive industry. District Administrator Frank Vogel informed himself about the workforce and the demand for skilled workers.

"With an average age of 37, our workforce is quite young," explains Managing Director Jörg Kattermann. "Several generations work here. Our castings make cars, we are part of this process - that makes the employees proud."

The company also sees itself prepared for the future.

The managing director: "The automotive industry continues to need cast parts. In addition to investments for the environment, there have been continuous improvements, such as the new smelting plant. One can say: "We are competitively positioned".

During a guided tour through the foundry, the casting process was demonstrated up close and the procedures explained. Mayor Alexander Troll thanked the management for the steps taken to secure the location.

District Administrator Vogel: "Gießerei Lößnitz is an example foundry for environmental protection".

Mayor Alexander Troll thanked the district administrator for his visit at the end of the municipal day:

"We tried to present our city from a slightly different perspective. Many topics were addressed and we as the city administration are pleased that we were able to discuss problems so openly with the district administrator".

The next municipal day will take place in Jöhstadt.


„Great Award for medium-sized companies“

GL Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH was nominated for the „Great Award for medium-sized companies“ in 2019

„Great Award for medium-sized companies“

The motto of the competition is more important than ever:

„Stable medium-sized companies - Strong economy - More jobs.“

The motto of the year 2019 is:

„Sustainable management“

Only every thousandth company in Germany reaches the nomination list. The Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH is one of them. A great success for the medium-sized company based in Lößnitz. The nomination for this competition, to which one cannot apply oneself, is considered as a ticket into the "network of the best". Germany's only business award, the "Great Award for medium-sized companies" does not only consider numbers, innovations or jobs, but the company as a whole and in its complex role in society.

"The middle class is and remains a guarantor for stability and trust in Germany. I congratulate the nominees and the winners of the ... 'Great Award for medium-sized companies'. ... You deserve that." said Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the Bundestag, in 2017 as Federal Minister of Finance.

"The 'Great Award for medium-sized companies' is a sign for the respectable mark 'Made in Germany'" said Albrecht Gerber as economics and energy minister Brandenburg.

And Barbara Stamm, President of the former Bavarian Parliament, praised: "Whoever has been nominated here has already received a first-rate award through this selection alone."

"The Oskar Patzelt Foundation's 'Great Award for medium-sized companies' is Germany's most coveted business award", wrote WELT.

In 2008 and 2016 the foundation was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit and in 2015 the Company Change Award.

The nomination is a great praise for the foundry. An independent jury will select the winners and finalists. The award ceremonies will take place in September, followed by the Federal Gala in October.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!


Website Relaunch

Neue Internetseite der Gießerei Lößnitz geht online

Website Relaunch

As modern as the foundry technology, as powerful as hot metal can be and as moving as the history of the company: this is reflected in the foundry's new website. With high-impact images and impressive video recordings, the enormous forces and the considerable temperatures during the creation of a new workpiece are transported to the screen.

The focus is on the sustainability and future viability of the foundry. Through immense investments, the air for employees and residents is thoroughly filtered and cleaned.

Thanks to the good cooperation of many different people, a modern website with brilliant images and videos, readable content, and a clear design in five different languages and for all device classes has been made available.