Thinking the foundry further

Less fine dust - less smell!

Nobody wants fine dust and odours in their vicinity. Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH has taken 5 million euros into its hands to reduce emissions.

The Kappa Ekon® filter system reduces energy consumption and residual dust by a good third. This improves the air around the premises. The working areas of the foundry hall are now also supplied with pre-conditioned air. Employees can take a deep breath.

The new filter system is based on precisely fitting modules that are prefabricated in the factory and assembled according to the Lego principle. Everything fits together perfectly and ensures that no leaks or malfunctions occur in the cleaning area. This is the only way to ensure that the air around the company premises is really efficiently cleaned of odours and fine dust.

Good air is important. For residents and also for our employees. It is therefore a matter of course for us to invest in modern filter systems and to continue reducing odour and fine dust pollution in the future.

Thinking the foundry further

Summary of the advantages of the new system:

Significant reduction of odour emissions from the foundry to the environment

Significant reduction of dust emissions from the foundry to the environment

Improvement of the workplace situation / air quality in the foundry hall

5 million for better air and less fine dust pollution

Grey cast iron or nodular cast iron from tools for the automotive industry releases fine dust and separates the corresponding odours. And in this context it is important to reduce emissions as much as possible. Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH has invested 5 million euros in an economical and future-oriented system of foundry dedusting and odour separation. This protects residents, employees and, of course, the environment from harmful emissions, fine dust and odours.

The exhaust air purification system of the Kappa Ekon® filter system records emissions at 17 extraction points on the hall ceiling. The purified air is then blown off to the environment through a 38-metre-high chimney by means of a fan.

In order to improve the fresh air in the working area, the pre-conditioned fresh air is transported in the hall to the workplace of the foundry hall. This supply air is heated by the recovered waste heat from the melting furnace.

The new filter system for the separation of industrial dust is used in the core area of the plant. The new filter system requires only half as much space as conventional solutions and is capable of reducing the residual dust content by half. Energy consumption is reduced by a third. Custom-fit modules were prefabricated in the factory and then assembled on site. This prevents leaks and malfunctions.

The new filter system ensures a flow-optimised air supply. The air supply and the air discharge are to be understood here as an overall concept. An efficient exhaust air cleaning system is installed upstream of the extracted fine dusts and gaseous substances with a precisely defined quantity of reactants. This binds the odour emissions in the entrained flow phase and also on the filter element itself. After this process, a part of the adsorption additive already used, which still has an appropriate absorption capacity, can be recycled by the recycling plant and introduced again into the raw gas stream. This saves disposal costs and protects the environment by reducing fresh adsorbent consumption.

And what is the result of this investment? 5 million euros for a new filter system. This means maximum air quality far below the legal limits and maximum economy and resource efficiency. And this in turn means good air for employees and residents. Filtered from odours and fine dust with the latest technology.

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Kappa Filter Systems is a leading international manufacturer of systems and plants for industrial air pollution control and energy recovery. Kappa has specialised in separating industrial emissions as completely as possible from an economic point of view, while at the same time minimising energy consumption. These two principles also describe basic philosophies from Kappa to "Zero Emissions" and "Zero Waste of Energy". They ensure the highest air quality far below the legal limits and combine maximum economy and resource efficiency. Kappa also focuses on high-quality and aesthetic industrial design.