The Company

The Gießerei Lößnitz GmbH (GL) is a medium-sized company founded in 1849 in Lößnitz. The Gießerei Lößnitz range of services includes the casting of handmade castings, tool casting and full mould casting based on wood or styrofoam models and templates. The main focus of the three-times-weekly casting process is the production of iron castings for automotive toolmaking by means of full mould casting. Since 1992 the company has been privatized again and has an owner-operated management.

Among the approximately 800 foundries in Germany, GL is one of the 131 iron foundries (cf. Bguss 2017). Major customers in the automotive industry include well-known German car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Daimler and Porsche. Further companies such as Salzgitter AG, EDAG Automotive Engineering or KWD Automotive AG & Co. KG are also part of the customer base.

Expansions and investments after privatisation

1995 New construction of the blasting plant

1996/97 New construction of the cold blast copper furnace with melting capacity of 10t/h

1997 New construction of the charge hall and demolition of the old social building. Construction of the new social building and office building.

2000 Extension and new building of the model building

2004 New construction of the crane system

2004 Extension of the model building

2007 New construction of the exhaust gas cooling system

2012-15 Renovation and relocation to the new office building

2014 New construction of the crane system with now 70t payload

2017 New construction of the cold blast copper furnace with now 16t/h melting capacity

2017 Start of work on the new dedusting plant of the company Kappa

2017 Procurement of a new WÖHR continuous whirl mixer with an increased capacity of 22/50 tonnes per hour.

2017 Start of the planned renewal of sand regeneration plant